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Hackers hold a city hostage!

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Yeah it does SSO as well.

another city popped with bull & shit for backups.

These public officials need to be drawn out to the city circle and stoned for spending $600K of tax payer money to thieves over solid IT practices.

It should be a criminal offense to pay the ransom. Doing so encourages the practice.

Agree for the most part.  There are cases that this is simply the lesser of two evils.  One would hope if your in a critical environment (far more than local gov), this is of little threat.  Sadly, that doesn't seem to be always the case.

I'm on CERT and other ICS mailing lists.  The warning of ransomware attacks on specific markets has been going out for a long time now.  Any governmental body has had warnings for couple years now.  Even if they ignore those, the press has been full of examples.  Its criminal negligence at this point in my mind.

On the bright side, I would hope that this changes the general decline in IT budgets I see.  Its a often discarded budget, yet more and more critically important area these days.  Least IMO.

Cryptocurrency has been such a boon to the world ...

I don't see how increased IT budgets will help much as long as IT doesn't start embracing proper compartmentalization. IT security went down a wrong path early in its history and never recovered. Apart from a few security agencies and financial institutions, everyone is doing it wrong.


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