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Hackers hold a city hostage!

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--- Quote from: Berni on June 21, 2019, 09:14:07 am ---Well security is not a easy thing to do.

New exploits are constantly found in software, so something that is considered pretty secure today might be vulnerable tomorrow.

--- End quote ---
Except for the completely incompetent ones they know where their attack surfaces are ... yet all they really do about zero days is pray it doesn't hit them and they can patch their software after they becomes non zero day.

Just let everyone browse the web ... including sysadmins with remote access to everything. What's the worst that can happen?


Not complicated, not expensive, nothing remotely new.  Even on the minimum budget, there is almost no reason to have a solid backup plan that would eliminate ransomware to anything more than a short term outage.  If gov body isn't willing to spend a minimal amount to cover solid backup strategy, they should be subject to a public hanging.

This ignores the common HD failure or other natural event failure of their main systems that they are apparently ignoring.  There is simply no reason to not have mission critical systems backed up.  IT 101...hello.

Quickbooks cloud hosting provider popped with ransomware.  Bet that's going to be a record payout if their backups are hosed.

How safe is your data with these cloud services exactly?  Small gov bodies are peanuts if these jokers can roll up a cloud provider.


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