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How much security is needed for windows 10?

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It used to be I would run an anti virus and two spyware tools but on win10 it seems like keeping it up dtaed and all security is on is all you have to do.

I still dont trust it though I will put up my bitcoin charts; bowlinger band MA etc on it but I trade through my phone with 2 factor because I dont trust the PC with all the ransomware attacks

if you care about security adn privacy

format c:

install linux.

It will not solve the problem just mitigate it by a ton

PS> alas. such topic belongs to Gen.Computing-> Security

That is partially true.

While anything MS (aka MerdSoft)  is by default unreliable...

*NIX  or Linux is by default reliable just for the most simple fact that you have not only access to the code but also a wide plethora of options to choose.

MS is like a blackbox. How much secure is a blackbox to put your hand inside ? (think of that putting your life data and privacy..)

Linux  diverted a lot  from best *NIX practices..

POTTERIX  BUNTUS and other diverted "products" are considerably less secure and troublesome than real *NIX faithful alternatives..  their goal is also business not best practices.

If you care about security choose a distro close to *NIX  like:
- Slackware
- FreeBSD
- OpenBSD

The last one is  the only one I ever recommend  for safe sites.

Nothing has been subverted or diverted from the book.
The best most competent folks about that.

Go OpenBSD.

MerdSoft is pure shit wrapped in a fancy colorful GUI



--- Quote from: Zucca on August 25, 2021, 11:57:34 am ---if you care about security adn privacy

format c:

install linux.

It will not solve the problem just mitigate it by a ton

--- End quote ---
Yes!  I have a web server directly on the net, and I have constant attacks from hackers.  I had a successful break in about a decade ago, and then learned how to secure the system.  Only have one user account that allows external login, use a difficult password, and run denyhosts to watch for ssh login attempts and block them by IP address.  Then, the new thing is Russian hackers creating bogus user accounts on my web store.  That's not a security problem, just a management annoyance.  So, I get hundreds of login attempts a day, but zero success in getting in.  Why do these pathetic idiots even try?


Red Squirrel:
I second the Linux post, but if you absolutely need Windows for something like games, I would just put that on a separate vlan, and block all the MS IPs at the firewall and block that machine from accessing the rest of the network.

In fact I do the same for Android, phones are basically spy devices and who knows what the hell they're doing in the background.  My wifi is on a separate vlan that has little to no access to my main network.

At one point I was experimenting with blocking all the Google IPs but the issue is the phone complains that the wifi has no internet and keeps nagging me about it, and it also breaks the ability to access local web resources.  I wish they would get rid of that "Feature".  It gives me lot of trouble with my drone too because of that.


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