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IoT Security next step? : Matter v1.0


Looks like we finally get a new open secure standard for IoT.
It was about time.
Looking at the large amount of A brand companies involved this could become a defacto standard.
Now waiting for the technical details to be published and the security academics to try to attack it  :)
Also I am very interested to see how much the resources for RAM and ROM will be for this protocol.

Before the details are released, we may already derive some things from the PR fart. :D

“Over 280 member companies — including Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and Signify — have brought their technologies, experience, and innovations together to ensure Matter met the needs of all stakeholders including users, product makers, and platforms.” — and somehow only mentioning entities representing the latter two.

“Matter is also striking new ground with security policies and processes using distributed ledger technology and Public Key Infrastructure to validate device certification and provenance.” — so security understood as “protecting producers from consumers” mislabeled as “security for users”. And, assuming it does not require resources to run the ledger on IoT devices, “distributed” inside a centralized group.

I would not be too excited. This is a rebranding and repackaging of the existing stuff. None of the members here have any interest in working with each other.

I predict another flop.

Matter uses existing Thread stack, so you can easily estimate the resources. It is bloated for what it is.


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