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Just installed program, now Bing was made default for search/context


I installed utorrent tonight, and jumped 2 hooop's to avoid adware/malware, but right away, firefox wants to search on Bing, which I rarely use.

After a very quick check in ccleaner, I don't see anything referring to bing.....

Whats the easist and/or best way to get rid of these things and undo the changes, besides not DL it?

uninstall the latest and go to an older version before the crap started being shoved into it, e.g. 2.2.1

I have versions from the last few years, but as usual, I just DLed the latest. Thanks, but will that undo the firefox changes ?

In the past, I've fixed FF, but I don't remember how, or what/where/why

Click on the menu icon, the  three bars on the top right hand side of the screen, Select Options, then Search,  and select the Search engine you want.


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