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NFT Art = US$69,000,000

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That just sold for ~US$69 million

Seems like I could gen something like that - what gives?

"What sets it apart, though, is that this specific file is an NFT, or non-fungible token."

Interesting stuff and maybe a defense against "deep fakes" (*gosh* I hate this terminology - we should really be able to do better than that).

On the other hand, this is the same picture that will always be the original and will never be lost because it uses blockchain technology.

Another much publicized entry into the NFT movement, "Charlie Bit My Finger".

Edit: Reportedly sold for over US$760,000!

Nominal Animal:
Am I the only one who sees this just as an another example how humans are turning inwards from physical reality, taking another step into becoming an eusocial species where members only interact with each other in isolated hive cities?

Me no like.  Me like the rest of the world, not human hives.  Yuk.

I am fascinated by this NFT "trend". Assuming the report is accurate, what exactly was purchased? To me, what was purchased was a unique video - unique in the sense that it can be demonstrated to be the original video and not a copy. Ok, so what is the value of that? Apparently, the value is US$760,000 but how can that be?

This video is old, the kids are teenagers now. It was viewed 883 million times. One could argue it has historical significance, I can understand that, but to what degree? Will the day come when you can pay an admission fee to see the original video of "Charlie bit my finger"?

Once the plan was announced, I suspect that thousands saved that video. They now own a copy of a video whose original is arguably worth $760,000.

What I see is a trend toward YOLO (you only live once) investment strategies. Not sure how I cash in on that though :)


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