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Teams is such a piece of garbage. Forced to use it at work, hate every second of it. It is hard to imagine buggier mess. And their desire to use web for real applications is not working out, the UI is janky and does not work half the time.

It is fine if it leaks private info, hopefully businesses get owned through it and finally abandon it.

Although Discord has an actual web interface and is orders of magnitude better, so it is possible that MS is just really bad at writing software. And I guess enterprises are locked into buying any crap they produce, so there is no incentive to make it any better. 



--- Quote from: ataradov on September 18, 2022, 01:13:56 am ---it is possible that MS is just really bad at writing software.

--- End quote ---
That's not news at all, see Windows ME for a really infamous example.

Every time I need to join an external meeting with MS Teams I cringe. The interface is terrible and the bugs galore.
Our cimpany uses Cisco Webex, which has its stupidities as well but it is moderately reliable.


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