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Nothing is Free: MS Onedrive? [SOLVED]

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What are the hidden costs/risks/inconveniences to Microsoft's OneDrive?  My newish laptop keeps wanting to save to it. 

* Giving them your data to train their AI with.

* Potential lock-in. They are well known for embracing, extending, extinguishing. One Drive may be super-compatible with Googles stuff now, but it will likely drift and you could find yourself in the position of being dependent on some One Drive feature. (Weirdly, this happened to me with plain old Windows file sharing - Windows allows a share to be defined below a parent share, and I used that for organising a NAS. Come time to switch to ANOther NAS, the share scheme couldn't be used.)

* Creeping fees. Free now, perhaps $1/yr for 20GB soon, then $2, the it's only 5GB and next thing you know you've ratcheted up to serious subscription fees. Frog boiling.

* Actually looking ahead, if most users are taken in with this it will become the default for everyone. Just like it's really hard to not have an online account in order to activate Windows now. If they think no-one wants it there's a chance it will die and we'll all end up much happier.

* It's Microsoft. They're not doing anything to benefit users, only Microsoft.

Not sure if this applies for the consumer version... but at least with the onedrive integration in enterprise setups, it tries to hijack your "Documents", "Downloads" and several other default folders. But it's not perfect and does so only partially, so you essentially end up with both a local version and a onedrive version, and some software sees one and some sees the other. At least once a week I lose something because it's in the "wrong" version of one of those folders.

Just as a possibly different datapoint: I'm not a power user of OneDrive, but still end up using it several times per week.
I like it, it seems fairly seamless when working with desktop and mobile.
On Windows, OneDrive appears like a completely separate folder (enterprise accounts might be set up differently, but by default, for a personal 365 account, there is just the separate folder which is backed up). There is nothing to install on Windows, it's natively part of Windows 11 I guess. There is browser access too, like most cloud storage systems, but I rarely use that.

I'm paying for the Microsoft 365 bundle, and 1TB of OneDrive is included in that. I think the bundle is good value for money even without OneDrive.

I find OneDrive to be a very convenient way to transfer stuff from mobile to desktop and vice-versa. Sure there are other ways, but it does what I want. I also like that I can quickly generate links for people (or public links if desired). On Windows, OneDrive just appears like a normal folder. It does sometimes take a while to sync, I don't know why. Other times it is quick. Anyway, that's a minor irritation.

The Android OneDrive app is good, I've never seen it crash or hang, and it does all I want it to do, i.e. explore files in OneDrive, share them by creating links, and add or remove files. Photos are automatically backed up too from Android, to OneDrive. Also you can collaborate, so if you've got a file open and editing it, then others can see the changes in real-time too. At least, that works with Office 365 (and that collaboration feature works with Android too).

I knowe all the above is possible with other cloud storage services too, I just happen to use Microsoft 365 and am happy with the supplied OneDrive capabilities.


--- Quote from: jpanhalt on April 16, 2024, 06:48:57 pm ---What are the hidden costs/risks/inconveniences to Microsoft's OneDrive?  My newish laptop keeps wanting to save to it.

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Not E2E encrypted, they spy on you and false positives have happened. Greater odds of getting hit by lightning, but still.


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