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Office365 , Outlook compromized accounts origin

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Can't find out how it takes place. It is via a script on a webpage on an email on the users machine, going to  the wtrong website, or using abc as a password or ... ?

 Any or all of the above. An account can be compromised in many ways. Insecure password, phishing, man in the middle - there are seemingly limitless ways in which these scum can gain access.

 And yes, they are scum lower than the slime on a stagnant pond. Yes, people should practice good security measures, but every time you beef up security, these scum double down and work at even more nefarious ways to compromise your account - even when there's nothing to steal and no profit to be made - just for bragging rights.

I see these every day

 - X@Y sent you some files, click here to get your files

 - X@Y sent you a copy, click here to review the documents

 - Hello X@Y, Your messages are now queued up and pending delivery because your email has not been verified,you are required to confirm your email account to restore normal email delivery. Login with your email and password to confirm, be sure to do so in a safe and secure manner.

So I keep on educating all staff and just hope...

Turn on multi factor authentication!!!!


--- Quote from: bd139 on September 19, 2019, 06:57:24 pm ---Turn on multi factor authentication!!!!

--- End quote ---

Working on it, but it is not that easy in a global organisation.


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