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One simple trick for passwords the big companies don't want you to know about!

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Mr. Scram:

--- Quote from: golden_labels on June 20, 2019, 09:25:00 pm ---People considering switching to a password manager may wish to read the “Before you use a password manager” article lately mentioned by Schneier. It discusses risks involved in using a password manager, as well as approaches that are providing no gain.

--- End quote ---
Common sense, really. Although some people seem to have more trouble with common sense than others, so spelling it out probably doesn't hurt.  ;D

Well it seems all my efforts to protect my data were in vein. Today in the mail I found out some scum bag collection company that had a years old 50.00$ medical bill I didn't even know I had. had all my info  stolen. Info including social security  their data was breached as determined by "an independent third party compliance firm". I can't stand these companies that pay fractions of a cent on the dollar for old debt then ruin your credit even after you or your insurance paid it. Since this is ambiguous I am thinking a $4999.99 small claims law suite against them where it will cost them more to fly out a lawyer to my state then just pay the amount. I have done about 10 small claims and they are ridiculously easy to win if you put a few hours into typing up the 12pt times new roman double spaced paper work. Sick of these companies. The letter outlines a free credit report with 24 months of credit monitoring! Wow they certainly are making this right considering having your identity stolen will cost you thousands and over a hundred hours of phone calls and letters in a BEST CASE scenario. I know they sold my phone number from the dates and times they got my info.  More then likely they were being cheap with the security of their site, after all paying extra for proper security doesn't benefit them in the remote chance this will happen..

Mr. Scram:
Without commenting on this specific case, that's why you don't want your data to roam freely and in innumerable databases. If there is no data it can't get leaked.

Even if some company doesn't collect your data the government does (and they can tap your connection wherever they find most convenient). There is no way to avoid it except legislation and people have voted again and again for more mass surveillance so not sure there is much one can do about it.

Aren't you still just using a single secret across all websites?


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