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Microsoft have issued a fix for the PrintNightmare vulnerability. However, I see that some people think that this update doesn’t fix it completely.

They advise some rigmarole around “point-to-print” or disabling print spooling.

Are these fixes to the fix necessary for the “ordinary” user?

I can just about cope with disabling the print spooler but that other thing …  :-//

There was one bodged fix, that only fixed it for the demo code they were provided, but did not fix the real issue.

Then there was a second fix that supposedly fixed everything, but it is not clear if it actually does.

For now just disable print spooler, it is enough to hide the issue. Wait for a couple weeks and let them figure it out for real.

Will do, cheers.

I just got an email from company's IT that a critical patch would be rolled out today. It does not say that it is for this issue, but realistically you can guess that it is.

So it looks like there is at least some trusted patch. It may be still incomplete one though.

I would still just disable the spooler. Unless you print a lot, it does not really matter.

Cheers. It's disabled now and waiting for a "proper" patch!


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