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SMART GUNS arrived....

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not sure if this is good bad or insane...
I like the idea..  but not the madhouse world

Who will control the logging and safety guards?

CLOUD assholes ?  Big corps?  WTF who protects whom ?

A chip ? a wifi link? wtf who will be on charge.. of the trigger


--- Quote ---The fingerprint reader unlocks the gun in microseconds, but since it may not work when wet or in other adverse conditions, the PIN pad is there as a backup. LodeStar did not demonstrate the near-field communication signal, but it would act as a secondary backup, enabling the gun as quickly as users can open the app on their phones.
--- End quote ---
That's gonna be handy in self-defense situations ;D

Very nice in case of emergency. "Stop or I'm gonna shoot!! But wait a sec, I have to dial in the PIC code first." :-DD

David Hess:
State laws so far exclude law enforcement from smart gun and approved gun requirements, so I wonder why they think that is even a market.

Because it's yet another one of those startups that just eat cash and move on?


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