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being a good boy and reading all the arch linux wiki before digging into my new arch linux box...
Nice reading and a very good learning curve so far....

Stumbled today in this

I wonder what is your opinion on it....

I mean on laptop encrypting the disks seems reasonable to me, but in a workstation box at home... it seems overkill to me.

On laptops I always encrypt. On PCs I have not done it because of possible reliability and recovery issues, but I have done it for so long on laptops that on the next install on the PC, I'll likely do it as well.

I also had performance concerns, but that does not seem to be an issue at all.

Home PCs are less of an issue, but they are also subject to theft. It is not likely, but encryption does not seem to hurt anything, so why not?

Good read on how Apple does it:

I just installed my new workstation with Arch over the weekend, and at this point I've migrated pretty much everything I needed to. ;D

I did not use encryption at this point. But that's something to consider.
Main points to weigh in: performance, as ataradov pointed out. Even though it's not much of a problem these days. But could be depending on your particular use case.
But, most of all, it's up to you to consider whether it's more important that *you* never possibly get "kicked out" of your own data, or if it's more important that someone else never accesses it.
Very personal question - unless of course you're bound by a company's policies.

In general I'd go for encryption for all work-related laptops, but not for work-related desktop/workstation/servers.
Main reason for not encrypting is avoiding loss of performance

For not-fully-encrypted disks, one possible option could be to just have a small 'secure' filesystem that is encrypted, and e.g. unlocked manually by the user.


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