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The case for self hosting a email server. Is there one?

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Seems a single point of failure could be the deleting of your domain name.


I knew someone who did this about 20 years ago.

I can't see much reason for it anymore though. If for no other reason, I'd expect most spam filters will block emails coming from some random server.

Many reasons not to...

The necessary 2 cents of jambo...

Old school folks which are deep acquainted in the *NIX culture
will  certainly  clash on any sort of "CLAIMED" *NIX  machine
which does not have one or two email servers readily available..
trusted and operational out of the box.

In the *NIX culture  the machine itself comprises a system
self aware of all the typical services which (like it or not)
are integral part of the Internet itself - besides all the attempts
to privatize these services in faceless corporations..

Examples which are insanely target of replacement by corps...
- FTP      x  shitty drive applets
- CHAT/NEWS   x shitty  zap *gram applets
- EMAIL   x  cloud based web mailers
- HTTP    x  cloud based web hosting
- DNS      x  privatized ip-less managed name servers

- systemV  init and inet starters  x that crappy systemd from the POTTERIX thing..

Old school folks like me never ever set a *NIX system
without **ALL** those services...  being my recent
choices for flat out the box machines...

- ProFTP  very customizable
- CHAT    xchat  and pan
- email    QMAIL  for internal intranet with proper DJB suite
    Postfix  combined for Internet external services
- HTTP   NGINX for external or lighttpd for internal
- DJB  tools  which  do  anything systemd can plus a lot faster and more secure

Please check  for systemd   server supervisor
or  for QMAIL  absurd fast  server relay...

DJB  DNS resolver is light and faster than BIND... although
BIND is still the most reliable tool you can trust..

The faceless corporations aim to replace the "OLD Internet" with that
combination of things... 

I call that not *NIX  but the POTTERIX py  wayland systemd cloud  thingo...

The more it deviates the *NIX culture the more I don't  want it...



Very interesting side note... TODAY.. just popped this marvelous piece
of non-sense thing .. which obviously raises some questions..

And matches  perfectly the  topic... 


The very very same faceless (?) corps which desperately need
to put their buzz models  on top of that  potterix thing..

Who need that crap in the first place ..

Just follow the things pointed above and I doubt a *NIX server
running  FULL BLEEDING EDGE  EMAIL, DNS and FTP services

Whithout the POTTERIX py systemd thingy there is no chance to put
that shit  inside *NIX...



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