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USB stick, encrypted, no keypad or software to install, how?

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um as I said I went for the kingston encrypted 4GB and used a cheap unencrpted 256. I actually use an SSD now in a caddy as the corsair would not work in certain machines so returned it. I am trying to work out what corsair do wake that is any good except for RAM.

Um, I think the enyption is only as good as the password. And, unless you know how it works, there might be an exploit built in. I made an encrypted drive. First I wrote zeros over the first few GBs, several times. That gets rid of the Windows flash drive U3 STUFF. Then I wrote random data over the whole drive. I used a large key, a long passphrase, and I specified to hash the key for 20 seconds.  I added a random salt, and the drive was encrypted.

A cracking program can be crafted to guess 99% of all passwords in a few seconds. The NSA uses free cpu cycles on 100,000+ PCs in the Treasury Department, to crack encryption. Normally, it takes about 6 years to guess a good passphrase, at a rate of 100,000 guesses/ second. But each guess on 'my' drive requires 20 seconds, because of the key hashing.

That increases the average time required to guess by a factor of 2 million! I think. 

It's good enough to stop the casual crook or curios other person that may pick it up if I loose it.


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