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when you find a security issue better stay away from Bugcrowd

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Bug bounty platforms, like Bugcrowd, are meant to help security researches to report secutity issues and earn a few bucks. But Bugcrowd has changed to a quite disturbing stance: When Soatok Used Bugcrowd and Got Banned for Doing the Right Thing (


The question I have is if this chap found a sec flaw because he happened to be poking around, why didn't anyone else?

There aren't many security experts with a deep unterstanding of cryptography.


--- Quote from: madires on June 15, 2022, 01:25:14 pm ---There aren't many security experts with a deep understanding of cryptography.

--- End quote ---

No, I suppose not. Maybe the peeps who don't shouldn't be coding this stuff in the first place. Relying on bounties is a awful way to perfect code.


--- Quote ---After I pointed out that a) a takedown would be pointless due to an archive already existing
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AKA how to get banned from an Internet website by having level 1000 autism :-DD


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