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Why no 'Cookies' on some Web sites ?

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To play devil’s advocate… It’s not the site’s you see in your browser’s address bar cookies you should be worried about, it’s the “analytics” tools their pages load onto your browser. Those are third parties you never see, agree to send data to, etc. As dumbed down example - you don’t have to ever been on Facebook for Facebook to have a ton of data on you from multiple sites you visit (FB used to be a pretty popular choice of many companies to do their marketing with). If those silly cookie warnings are the only way to at least make the public curious how the internet works, so be it…

It is just unfortunate that the rules don't set a uniform guideline on what the user experience should be here.

For me a uniform smallish banner with a button to decline and one or more ways to accept what ever cookie you like would make browsing more pleasant then what it has become now.

Because having an always present button to decline and go on would make it much less aggravating then having to switch of the individual sliders on some of these consent forms.

But that is not what the companies want of course because then most likely no one will allow that tracking shit. Only having an easy to go on accept button is much more to their liking |O


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