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Why no 'Cookies' on some Web sites ?

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Hey there!  I'm not real confident, from security standpoint (plus I find the subject boorish, actually), but here is an amateur's question:
   I tried a couple phone number look-ups, People finder, etc. but noticed; those particular Web sites do not display a 'Cookies notice'.  Just wondering how that fits, into the whole, notification paradigm...?
(Sites such as IEEE articles usually have a Cookies notice up front).

because they dont care what your previous preferences, biodata, gender or location are... you should be more suspicious on websites that save cookies or data into you HDD, not the other way around.

That is the optimistic view, Mechatrommer. ;)  I think it is much more likely that those websites just don't care about compliance with the notification requirements, and happily place cookies and grab whatever information they can get without bothering to obtain your agreement.

For giggles I just tried People Finder, which RJHayward had mentioned, and then checked the cookie list in my browser. Before even having completed a search, I now have four cookies from "" and seven from "".

Not a surprise: For those "people finding" websites, privacy must be the arch-enemy... In the process of "searching", People Finder asked me all kinds of questions about the fictional person I was seraching for, which now doubt they are adding to their database. I know which website to avoid now.

It is also the case that the cookie drama is an EU thing so far.
A company in other part of the world with no business activities in the EU may not give rat's ass about it.

Maybe one day benevolent EU will save us from this problem by blocking access to websites lacking cookie banners...
You 'Murricans will be left in the cold, though.


--- Quote from: ebastler on May 07, 2022, 12:01:55 pm ---I think it is much more likely that those websites just don't care about compliance with the notification requirements..

--- End quote ---
ok, i thought notification is made by the "browser" on my end.. :palm: now i know why they have so many notification styles.


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