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WiFi with Linux kernel >=5.1 - it's really bad

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Oh, that's terrifying. ;D

What's the status of Android?

What amazes me is that if the majority of Android devices were affected, that an entire continent of Android devices could be exploited within two or three days. The exploit would be released at a major airport. Within a matter of minutes it would have infected every Android device in the airport. Within a few hours every affected Android device in most hotels and every device along the road to every destination from the airport would be infected. By the next every airport with a scheduled flight from there would be infected.

No idea!

I personally am not too scared about those security issues:
- I mostly use a rolling release and thus get kernel updates in an extremely timely manner. Fixes come in very fast.
- WiFi should not be used for anything security-critical.

Android could be more of a problem as kernel updates tend to lag a lot more. But Android is being very conservative - Android 13 uses linux 4.14.


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