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I'll try Microsoft Security Essentials before Jan, but if I tried it now I'd spend the rest of the night struggling with Windoze updates.


The 2 sensitive documents are temp file copies of pdfs containing 'Account' and numbers, but they're not bank account numbers so I've not bothered to delete those temp files yet.

The 3 primary folders are Documents, Pictures and Desktop. I tend to make my own folders such as c:\PostedImages so there's nothing in them, I don't know about Desktop, most of the junk is just pdf data sheets.

The basic firewall ignores the fact there's a router firewall as well as Windoze's.

fake websites All of FF's anti-phishing is on. I won't be loosing too much sleep. :)

Black Phoenix:
I will not even comment on the "Advance Issues" that the Avast is showing... |O

Ransomware, isn't what him, Avast, should try to prevent. Even not having that folders vulnerable, when Ransomware attacks it's the all HDD that is encrypted, not some folders... Okay it looks for certain types of files, like .pdf, .zip, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .xls, etc. If he can't prevent, how good he is then?

The Firewall, well I don't know any AV suite that considers hardware Firewall or even is able to detect it. Even if you have a problem connecting to the Internet, they will say in the "FAQs" to see if the connection is not being blocked by a firewall. OK I know, some of the EndPoint ones can connect to an hardware firewall if it's running a plugin or is from the same brand (to my mind comes BitDefender and Panda Security).

ToysЯus seems to have sent and received quite a bit over the last few hours. 9 kB and 340 kB.



'Fixed' it, there are no 24/7 connections to avast now. :popcorn:


I chose the one on the left. I have to keep turning ToysЯus off most of the time, it slows things down. :)



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