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Your antivirus software comes with a cryptominer (Norton and Avira)


Yep! It's a feature and it's opt-in:
- Norton 360 Now Comes With a Cryptominer (
- 500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining (
The next one could be Avast as NortonLifeLock is also acquiring that company.


--- Quote ---But many Norton users complain the mining program is difficult to remove, and reactions from longtime customers have ranged from unease and disbelief to, “Dude, where’s my crypto?”
--- End quote ---


Imagine giving away control over configuration of your system to tens of different entities, being treated as free canary to warn AV company’s customers about threats, your computer used to farm files, often agreeing to give away your privacy, using completely unauditable software… and then complaining about a plausible oversight regarding a program that you explicitly asked to be run on your computer and get paid for running it.  |O :palm:

I wonder what level of ignorance one has to achieve to even consider that miner to be worth mentioning.

April, already?

Ethereum, really? You might as well just use a space heater, that will make you the same amount of profit.
A ETH transaction costs around 25-75 USD, and a quite recent GTX1080 graphics card is going to make you something like 1.5 USD a day.
So in about two months, while running constantly, you might have enough just to pay for one transaction. You need two transactions to pay out your earnings into your wallet, and then transfer it to an exchange.

PoW crypto needs to end. It is the most wasteful usage of the available resources that we can think of.
And Norton, shame on you.


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