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Battery chemistry episode?


I've recently seen episode 1371 (yeh, I've been a bit busy and missed a few) and I learned about Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries, which are perfect for a project I had in mind and I did not know about them.
Unfortunately I really wouldn't know how or where to find out about all of the battery chemistry and how to choose the perfect battery for a project.
This is not only to guarantee the best performance or the most economically advantageous solution for a single project, but it can also mean less waste, and less pollution.
I think this could be an awesome topic and I hope mighty Dave agrees.
Otherwise I'll post in beginners or some other board to see where to find documents to learn by myself.


Two sites worth looking at:

1)  (discusses all batteries in less technical terms, lots of practical information)

2)   (more technical discussion of electrochemistry)

3) Wikipedia  (if you want to get completely lost)

Wow batteryuniversity is a gem.
Wonderful thanks


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