Author Topic: Dynamic Signal Analyzers. What are they good for?  (Read 784 times)

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Dynamic Signal Analyzers. What are they good for?
« on: January 19, 2019, 06:23:22 pm »

I want a DSA but I don't know why...  Apart from fascination.

I'd love to see a video on what a DSA can do for us.  You stated on one video that you loved DSAs.  I wanna know why and the things you use them for.  Maybe a "DSA for Dummies" video...

We have one at work that was used by a fellow engineer, but he passed away.  He used to use it to measure gain and phase margins of motion control loops.  He'd somehow use the signal output to insert a signal into loop.  He'd then use the two inputs which could somehow be set up to represent the numerator and denominator of the control loop's overall transfer function.  But, I know that's just one thing a DSA can do...

Looking at new DSAs, it seems they are mostly interested in vibration analysis.  Little mention is made of how they would be used (ior if they can be used) to measure circuit related things.

Thanks for your great work in making educational yet very entertaining videos!  We're using your sayings at work.  Things like "That's a bit how ya doin", "Dodgy", "Bob's your uncle", "Winner winner chicken dinner", etc.

Here's a funny one you'll get a kick out of being a parent to young children.  My 9 y/o daughter came to me last night and right out of the blue said "Hi.  Welcome to another episode of teardown Tuesday" using an attempt at an Aussie accent (which by the way is REALLY hard to imitate for us Yanks).


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