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Fundamentals Friday ideas
« on: May 29, 2014, 05:14:52 am »
Over time I've thought of a few topics I wish I knew more about, and I think they'd make for good Fundamentals Friday videos. I know some of these topics are vast enough to warrant their own dedicated courses, but obviously the intention would be to provide a general overview, not cover every little thing.

1) Interface standards/devices
    ---> Why they're necessary, when they're required in a design, popular applications
    e.g. RS-232, RS-485, CAN

2) DACs / ADCs
    ---> It seems like every other EEVBlog teardown features a DAC or ADC. Dave mentions them as if they're child's play and never expands on them. Even when it's the central element of a circuit, he'll say "Well it'll just be a DAC with some other passives and maybe a micro if they're fancy. Boring as bat shit." I never learned about them in college, so I'd love to understand them to the point of them being boring.

3) Bootloaders / Getting started with un-programmed micros
    ---> I feel like a large portion of young hobbyists/students aren't aware of all the extra work needed to implement a microcontroller into a design. I know schools use pre-programmed micros so students never really have to worry about it. I've personally scrapped many ideas because they end up requiring a micro and I have no clue how to get to the point of being able to write code to it. I think it would be nice to have a video explaining how to approach un-programmed micros, i.e. getting to the point where you can load your code onto it. Certainly could employ demos as well.

If you know of any videos already out there which effectively explain any of the above, then please respond with them. But I still think Dave could do a great job at tackling these topics.
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Re: Fundamentals Friday ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 11:13:53 am »
Another good fundamental friday video would be a DDS video as theres very little information I can find about them

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