Author Topic: Brainstorming two Daves on set how improvements with more Cameras Live can help  (Read 1717 times)

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eevblog Two Dave's circuit design brainstorming video had one Camera with no close-ups but the sound was good.

see how Louis Rossmann of YouTube   - capitalism rant
 recording a video with two or three Cameras Livestream or save to file.
note the Camera close-ups & the circuit still static image.  video switcher   foot pedal buttons?

2017-02-26 Sunday board repair with capitalist commentary

circuit design brainstorming video had one Camera with no close-ups

there is no reason why eevblog can not have improvements with more Cameras on set.
no big problem for electronics engineers  :-+
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It probably depends on what they are aiming at:
The main purpose of this video was brainstorming. Having more footage was only a side product. That's why they didn't produce a more polished video.
They could, but it probably would have slowed down the process, because they had to spend more time adjusting the cameras.

Doing a multi camera live stream can get quite difficult to have every camera in focus, aimed at the right spot and arrange/switch the best cameras without covering some important part of the background image.
One impressive example of a multi camera video setup is Micah Scott 's Youtube channel:
She uses at least 4 cameras (one fixed camera, a DSLR for closeup, a microscope and one camera for her cat). In addition to that she also has a wireless camera, a camera in her mill and 3D printer and several HDMI capture devices for scopes or PCs.
She started a couple of month ago doing live streaming and is constanly improving the setup.

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This was never intended to be a video for release, but we figured we'd turn the camera on whilst discussing it and it kinda turned a bit into a public brainstorming discussion.
I have the capability to do everything Louis does using X-Split.

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