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Grab bag of topic ideas
« on: March 26, 2015, 09:19:27 pm »
Maybe a sub forum on mechanical or shop/tool/materials skills as used in electronics?

Here are a few others..

Tricks/hacks/extreme soldering

"have part, what to do with it?" (possible uses for a part, also collected wisdom on it)

Perhaps single sticky threads would do for them.

 Also, maybe an electronics "what is it"? (person shows tool or some kind of part they have not been able to ID, people who might know can ID it..)

Another blog- bunnystudios has a monthly contest where he shows a PCB and obscure any identifying bits and people try to figure out what it is. Thats fun, IMO.

Another useful area would be how to solve a problem.. people who want to solve some probem using electronics, kind of just asking for ideas on how to do something, pros and cons..

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