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Overall opinion on blogs of various types
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:56:26 am »
Dave: I find that many of the blogs I enjoy the most involve examining, or re-examining, older devices and bread boarding them coupled with your detailed explanations of the circuitry used in the data sheets. The recent voice recognition ckts from the 80's is a great example. Also stuff like the LM3904 LED driver, op- amp ckts, etc being revisited with new uses is really nice. The best message here as I see it is there are so many new uses for such standard products we once used as experimenters growing up. I also always like your teardowns of older kits as well as troubleshooting older and newer equipment. Again I see new uses for some of the older parts we once bread boarded and possibly later forgot in our parts drawers. In the U.S. Radio Shack (Tandy) is now selling off its stores in bankruptcy and it's a good time to snap up sales on any older treasures you might find left on the shelves. I suspect we will soon see much of this surplus on the internet marketplaces like EBAY.

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