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Title: Overwiew Mosfets, Hexfets, IGBTs, all sorts of power controler
Post by: RNA2 on July 01, 2016, 11:58:29 am
Hi Dave, hi everybody,

i am quite new here and also not very firm in electronics.
One suggestion for a new video blog would be all kinds of mosfets, hexfets, IGBTs and all kind of switching power controller stuff.
It is a vast field and hard for a newbee to get a good overview. I am esp. interested in HF capable Mosfets (high frequency switching past the 1 MHz) -
so also gate driver circuits for that purpose would be interesting.
I am aware that this is slightly going in RF-amplifier directions - but it doesnt need to go that high in frequency.
I think this could be very interesting for a huge amount of subscribers, esp. interested in high-power switching, HV-appliances (Tesla coils e.g.).