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Raspberry Pi
« on: May 09, 2012, 02:25:29 pm »
Hello Dave and all , greetings from Brazil ! . Dave as you are one of the few guys that I trust and because you've  have stolen a couple of my ideas , ok in fact I didn't tell anyone else besides myself and here in Brazil things are little more diffcult , ok that's another discussion , but congrats anyway for the good work and keep going. I prefer to see things materialized than on my mind... But pls as I said before you showed to be a trust-able pro and I would like a lot to see you reviewing this. It seems a great promise and revolutionary piece of hardware but I have my doubts if it is all that promises to be . As I don't have the resources (T&M(aka - time and money)) to do that and I trust in your  judgments I think you are the right guy to replace me in that effort. Don't want to misjudge the other requests but I think this is one of the top requests around the forum . Just an idea of what I'm talking about :
Best regards...


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