Author Topic: Review the "Unimprinted Electrical Device" the modern tinfoil hat!! LOL!!  (Read 1430 times)

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I thought Dave might have some fun with this one, or anyone here on the forum.

The links are plans for a device that reads your intentions. That's right, an engineer William Tiller, PhD no less, from Stanford University has plans for the "unimprinted electrical device" which is supposed to read the intentions of meditators. Kind of like a Chi or Qi reader.

Link one of the "white paper" which includes the schematic for the device.

Link two is to a discussion board some posed to the forum regarding the validity of the circuit "", funny stuff!

Link three has another write up on the device with better schematics.

I can see the rant now....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me...Still trying to figure out how data are controlled by "imprinting 'psychoenergetic intention'".
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there is no spoon

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Is it a ghost or god detector?????


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