Author Topic: Real world examples/tutorials on Oszilloscope using/bugtracing  (Read 722 times)

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"thanks" to Daves "19$ Hameg EEVBlog" I "accidentally" bought a Hameg HM205-2  :o It shows the same quirks as in the video, however thats what did let me hit the "BID" button at last. Thats my hobby and I wanted something to play with... And Dave: Thanks   >:( to your videos the prices are too high now here in germany (yes, one of the peskey ones).  >:D

When my scope finally runs good it should not sit in a corner getting again dust like my USB DSO...

So now for my suggestion:  How about some "real" world examples/tutorials on Oszilloscope using/bugtracing. What can a noob expect? What types of errors can you trace down with a scope? etc.

Best, your "peskey german",

PS: I have a still growing family in Austria Australia (you are the country with the strange animals right?), so better don't mess with me or I send them over  :blah:  ;D ;D ;D
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