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Some Suggestions
« on: April 28, 2016, 03:18:08 am »
Here's some stuff I thought of while I accidentally ranted in another thread. Might as well post it where it might be looked at.

  • Grab an old iphone 5 whatever it was and get the data off it.
  • Grab an old laptop and hack the charging circuitry for a new super-battery.
  • Make a small switching  supply for something. Hack the fluke DMM data protocol and build an ir>bluetooth adaptor.
  • Hack a microwave with a super cap to drive the clock when the power fails.
  • Make kids shoes that emit noise when they walk and give them to a friends kid.
  • Take a look at IoT security best practice.
  • Make the windscreen wipers on his car go when they sense rain.
  • Hack those beeping, flashing "your meal's ready" things they give you in bistros and bars so you can make them go off whenever you like. (actually I might do that one myself!)
  • Make a quick and dirty home-made "your meat's done" thermometer.
  • Check his fridge efficiency and compare it with a home made pid controller.
  • Make a sensor for his mail box that sends an SMS when the post office put something in there.
  • Remake the classic old FM bug with tiny smd stuff.
  • Modify a cheap FM radio to pick up in-stadium broadcasts.
  • Chat about thermocouples that aren't k-type.
  • Cut the leads on that multimeter he smashed pointlessly and see if they're multi layered insulation. See how the ends are joined. Flex them until they break.
  • Read the firmware off a printer and look at the code that adds the yellow dots. Reverse engineer a smart electricity meter and modify the firmware
I'd rather a Google clue, link, or some theory than "do this" (generally)

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