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Title: Suggestion: WIKi structure improvement
Post by: timofonic on January 01, 2016, 01:48:49 am

Since EEVBLOG is reorganizing and improving, I suggest a improvement to a very underrated resource of the site: The WIKI.

I know this is hard work, so just take it as a suggestion. I did one previously, but I consider this one more elaborated.

- Personal wikis: It could be used to organize personal projects, with linked forum threads that can show the first message as that page.
- Electronics & related Encyclopedia: This is a very ambitious, but it could be a crowdsourced project that could be shared by many other communities by using interwikis to sync the content or whatever.
- Summarizing forum threads: For the OCD people, this would require find specific forum threads and write their URLs. After the work is considered finished, those forum threads are marked with the wiki URL in the first post.

About organization:

The wiki obviously needs an overhaul, it's just a bunch of links. It needs to have a lot more visibility, have a proper layout and more sections. I'm currently not bright enough to provide a sample layout, but I can provide some ideas.

Kind regards.