Author Topic: the next generation should the eevblog brand grow beyond David Jones?  (Read 1486 times)

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because of the ever changing technology. eevblog © may need to hold up the historical & cultural milestones in electronics,
because of the cult of personality the David Jones © legacy may will last beyond a lifetime.
because Dave, your the Steve Irwin of electronics! the walt disney of schematic circuits.
the electronics engineering wrangler of Australia. whether its just Dave or two Dave,s. or with others.
every brand needs the next generation to keep the legacy alive. so should eevblog grow beyond David Jones?

what will electronics be like in 2030? autonomous /driverless cars, the global brain & the singularity in artificial intelligence.
5G devices. the fourth industrial revolution, robotic reproduction.
Hobbyist with a basic knowledge of electronics

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Re: the next generation should the eevblog brand grow beyond David Jones?
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so should eevblog grow beyond David Jones?

Yes, but only when there is no other choice. In other words, resist it until it becomes necessary. Growth means more people, which means more salaries, more decisions to be made that take into account the necessity to remain profitable in order to take care of those that depend upon those salaries. Staying small means lots of freedom, ability to take risks. Having lots of people involved means you have to be more careful, play it safe.

Or, go bigly and get tremendously profitable where you regain the ability to take risks without jeopardizing peoples' livelyhoods.
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