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Hi Dave

Could you please do a blog about your favourite and not so favourite vidcasts and podcasts i.e. the stuff you like to listen to on your Itouch or watch on your Roku box? More importantly I'd like to hear you get stuck into some of the podcast/vidcasts practices you detest - the stuff that really turns you off be it commercials, product placement, bad audio... whatever. You might have a few words to say about some of the TWIT or Revision 3 netcasts or presenters for example. Don't hold back! :)

That aside I'd also like to hear your views about funding models for up and coming podcast/vidcasters. Should they do ad reads for and or should they leave the podcast in its pristine uncommercial state and make money indirectly via the sale of branded goods and Amazon commissions? I know you have been trying the latter approach for a while but I don't know whether it has proved successful or not for you. This is of personal interest to me as I often watch and listen to vidcasts and I wonder whether the hosts are making any money out of their shows or not. 

Aside from the above I won't recommend any particular podcasts/vidcasts to review. I would just like to hear which ones are your favourites and not so favourites.

Peter VK3PB


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