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boat for the boat anchor

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In an attempt to bring some life into the forum.... you need to wonder, what boat are the boat anchors put on to anchor?

How many triple 5's do you need to keep that anchored? There are preservation efforts to restore that thing ongoing, apparently. The Hōryū-ji of electrical engineers?

huh? you can put that another boat anchor inside LHC.. this is another atlas... (i meant to post it sometime ago in that large boat anchor thread but WTF?)

--- Quote from: coppercone2 on February 03, 2023, 09:04:12 am ---In an attempt to bring some life into the forum....

--- End quote ---
so you have less in yours, dont make our mistake.

Is this section dead? ;D

Certainly looks like it is.  :-DD

It was DOA.


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