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Discussion of possible constitution for new TEA threads

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For as far as I can tell, there have been several attempts made to get the TEA thread back to what it used to be by some of the contributors, but the unwillingness of some drove it to the interference by the moderators.

That Vince reacted irritated to my action of moving the OrCAD topic to a new thread was unfortunate, and I must say, so was your response onto that. All very understandable in light of the recent events, but as several members wrote in the different discussions about all of this, I tried to lead by example. That is also why I did not reply to your reaction in the TEA thread.

Because for me it does not matter where a topic is being discussed and when it makes it easier for others to not have to skip what they don't like, it is little effort to make it happen.

The thread title containing "constitution" is, in hindsight, ill chosen and "rules of conduct" is probably more appropriate. And I feel it would be good to have a guideline as such, set as a sticky to remind people of how to behave to keep the forum a happy place for all.


--- Quote from: pcprogrammer on September 10, 2022, 02:01:47 pm ---The thread title containing "constitution" is, in hindsight, ill chosen and "rules of conduct" is probably more appropriate. And I feel it would be good to have a guideline as such, set as a sticky to remind people of how to behave to keep the forum a happy place for all.

--- End quote ---

I suspect it might have to be made the page header for people to remember, and maybe not even then...   ::)

Yes, that is true, because people do not bother to read such things :palm:

But it is good to have, to be able to point people towards it.


--- Quote from: AVGresponding on September 10, 2022, 01:26:19 pm ---<snip>

I really couldn't be arsed to read this whole thread, but since you mentioned my post about OrCAD I feel it's worth clarifying exactly what my position is, and why I made that specific point at that specific time.

As a relative newbie (2019) to TEA, but a daily reader/contributor, I found it easy to skip past the posts I wasn't interested in. Sometimes I found the stuff I wasn't interested in quite tedious, if it went on for more than a few posts, however, I never felt the urge to complain, either to Mods/Admin, or directly in the thread, since these things in my experience go in cycles, and at some point things would get interesting for me again, regardless.

I was dismayed at the (what I believed to be) heavy handed Moderation, and also at the (what I believed to be) over-reactions of some members. I was further disheartened to learn that there had been complaints to the Mod team by TEA regulars; I would rather have seen them voice their concerns publicly, and feel we could have self-moderated at that point.

As regards my comments about the OrCAD posts, this was after numerous members had been censored for posting things that were not really entirely off-topic, and that if such posts were not allowed, then neither should the OrCAD ones be, on the same basis. Without the context of the recent controversial Mod actions, I would have just scrolled past them as usual.

Moving forward, I see no reason why the standard "common sense" provisions shouldn't apply to the TEA thread if/when it is moved here. Since assumptions get one in trouble, I will state my opinion of what these should be: no politics, no religion, no weapons, no personal attacks.
I would also welcome the creation of a dedicated Mod team, which should include at least one long term TEA regular contributor, bitseeker himself (if he came back), and one of the EEVBlog regular Mods.

--- End quote ---
Anders, you nailed it perfectly, although I admit to posting sometimes OT, it was not difficult to skip on until you do find something of interest. I even had problems finding anything interesting at times, but I kept the peace and respected others when they posted OT, even some of the suspected complainers have if they are honest with themselves sometimes posted OT.

When people felt that the OT posts were straying too much into the political or gun arena, they used to publicly post to that effect, and we would then self police, which just strengthens my feeling that the majority of complainers were not regulars, but relatively new to the thread and therefore not aware of the way we self policed following gentle prods from others. For instance, there were many occasions that there were pages of mainly RF discussions, nothing at all to do with TE, and certainly did not interest me at all, but I acted in an adult manner and moved on to the next post and so on. I was, like you, a regular visitor and would log on many times a day to see what was happening. I have friends on here and on, and I'm sad to see the amount of gloating happening here over the fact that some of the most prolific contributors are now with almost exclusively.


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