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$20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project

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--- Quote from: bffargo on January 13, 2022, 04:47:20 pm ---Could not see any damaged/shorted traces anywhere.  Metered for shorts in the microcontroller socket and ZIF and found nothing. 

--- End quote ---
Remove the SRV5-04 and 6V8 protection elements temporarily. Check the operation of the tester without them. If the problem persists, show the results of the T1-T7 hardware tests.

I've updated the comparison table for the most popular clone models. Several new models have been added as well as more information about the color palette of the displays. Fixed minor bugs and minor changes in description. ;)

Hello  Yuriy_K
I tried to test your "ST7735_RGB_en16MHz-Version" with a GM328A. The board is original with a 16MHz-Quartz. Fuses are (low=0xF7; high=0xD9; ext=0xFC). But the  result is only a lighted LCD. Have you made any changes in the hardware, needing other fuses?

Best wishes


--- Quote from: Rober on February 08, 2022, 09:43:03 pm ---Have you made any changes in the hardware, needing other fuses?

--- End quote ---
Firmwares from page 277 are tested on the displays shown on the same page and earlier. If you have a different display, show its large image. Fuses in the picture.

Hello  Yuriy_K,
I tested your firmware ST7735_RGB_en16MHz again with changed ext. fuse, - low fuse and high fuse are the same as before and in your posted picture. When I start the tester only the backlight of LCD switched on. Nothing others happens. As you can see: board is GM328A-kit and LCD is with ST7535 driver. I think, your vers. of firmware is based of K-H Kuebbeler's firmware. I wonder, when I flashed firmware 1.13k, all is ok. What could be the reason for this mistake? Curiously is, after starting the tester, led goes on - but by pressing the knob short or long - led and LCD staying on.

Best wishes


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