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$20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project

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The BSIDE ESR02 Pro runs fine with k and m-firmware without any mods (it comes with the k-firmware). Of course you can improve the tester if you like.


I put this kit together. It works very well. (Menu access)
It’s powered by a 9v rechargeable battery, and I don’t understand why the P6KE6v8 component is so hot.
When I look at the diagram, it is directly connected from the VCC to the ground.
I think the VCC is the 9V, so if I’m not mistaken it may be in protection ??? It’s a 6V8 model i think!
Component that has no cabling direction, so no error.
Tell me if I’m wrong about the value of the VCC, or if there’s anything else to see.
Or don’t  look correctly the schématic?? Lol?
thank you

Vcc is 5V (5V voltage regulator). There are two versions of the TVS, one is unidirectional (P6KE6V8A) and the other bidirectional (P6KE6.8CA). For the unidirectional the polarity matters.

Hello madires,

Thanks for your answer

On the file I downloaded, I was looking at page 20
there is no indication of VCC behind the regulator.!!
On the other hand, another diagram, page 10, where the VCC is indicated in output of the regulator.
Is this the latest version? If there’s anything better, I’ll take it.
I’m gonna check my clone’s circuit, maybe he’s got a mistake??
To see.
See in attached  the last file I downloaded. If best version, thank's to :D share.

You'll find the latest version of Karl-Heinz' excellent documentation at


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