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$20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project

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Hello Madires

I have changed the 7550 regulator by a 78L05.
It's work well now

Watch out for connections that are differenst  for these 2 regulators, but it’s functional.

@madires I hope that I only have last request. If I want use pl-2303 usb to serial programmer, what avrdude: ISP programmer I have to choose in the makefile? And please what software did you recommend to put this 2 files into transitor checker?
Thank you very much for you help and time...

Haven't tried programming the ATmega with a PL-2303 yet. Maybe this helps:

Hello Madires.
How do you feel about this idea. Add a vertical diode symbol to the font and display this symbol as shown in the photo. It would be easier if all component symbols were displayed in a fixed location (no vertical shifts). I've just started to redo it, it takes more time. Do not pay attention to my colors, I did it for myself.


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