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[Rigol DS1000Z] Visualizing jitter between PPS signals
« on: January 29, 2014, 05:52:48 pm »
Hey guys,

I'm trying to setup a nice visual demo of a time synchronization protocol I've been working on.

I've got three digital signals coming from different clock domains that simultaneously toggle once per second. I want to display some kind of statistical display of the jitter between them.

The scope is in Normal triggering mode and I'm playing with persistence settings :

1) Why does a sample older than 10 s not disappear when a 10 s persistence is set (seems to take much longer).

2) Is there a way to have an infinite persistence but with statistical intensity grading, like a two-dimensional histogram? I know the scope is capable of that when trigger rate is fast, but it doesn't seem to be possible in this case...


edit : I have also tried it on the following scopes : GW-Instek GDS-2204, Tek TDS 2024, Tek TDS 744A, LeCroy LT344, but none of them fit the bill.
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