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(Yet another) Used oscilloscope question/advice
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:20:08 pm »
Hi all,
As this is my first post here, I would like to thank everyone contributing, I have been going through a lot of threads in this forum in the past few days and it has been very educational and beneficial, so, thanks!

I am want to buy my first scope for my home “lab”, and would like your advice. (I am familiar with oscilloscopes and have been working with them for about 15 years now at work, however, I am not familiar with some of the models below)

so, the scope will be used for “general purpose” design and debug work - (few) MHz switching regulators, other power management, analog accelerometers. I am mainly planing to work on MCU based “mixed signal” systems, I have a USBEE clone for the digital debug which I am happy with, so I can avoid for now buying a mixed signal scope. I think I need 2 channels, 4ch are nice to have, I would like 100MHz analog bandwidth so I won’t “miss” anything.

My options:

HP 54645A 2ch 100MHz (200MSPS, 1Mpoint memory)- ~300$ (the only one in the list I am familiar with, and had very good experience with)
TDS520A - 2ch 500MHz (500MSps) ~430$ with 1F (floppy disk - hurray  ;) ) and 1M (50k points memory)options, it was last calibrated on March 2012!
Fluke PM3380B 2ch 100MHz 200MSps, both analog (or) digital sampling (if i understood the manual correctly ?)

some older/analog scopes -they are not cheap and getting old, are they worth it?
TEK 2245 - 4ch 100MHz analog ~350$
TEK 2430A - 2ch 150MHz ~ 450$
TEK 2465B - 4ch 400MHz ~600$ which is a little over my budget, but I understand that it is a very good scope and wonder whether its worth the extra $

Any thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated,


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