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Re: 4 channel Keysight 1000x series scope
« Reply #125 on: July 10, 2020, 10:54:07 pm »
You are missing one very important point, the idea is not to capture all 50000 packets with a scope to do an analysis.  A logic analyzer is better suited for such capture and analysis.  The point I was trying to make is that by triggering 50000 times, it can capture a specific event and the Siglent will probably miss it.  That is the whole point of using the protocol analyzer on the scopes.  My SPI test setup has a user button enabled that sends a specific packet 0x3F when pressed, and 0x37 when not pressed.  The KS gets it almost on every click, but the siglent misses a lot of them, the SDS1104X-E that I tested missed like 80-90% of them.  Even the GDS-1054B can trigger on 90-100% of the time, the siglent is very slow handling serial decoding and triggering.

When scope is armed and waiting for trigger (in Normal not Auto mode), it will trigger instantaneously. It is literally waiting to pull the trigger. It is retriggering that is questionable, once it triggers and finishes the sweep, it will take time to rearm. That rearm time is very fast on Keysight, also very fast on new Rigols , and a bit slower on Siglent. And because of it, Keysight might trigger on every packet and Siglent might not be ready for next one and miss it...

Yes, that looks like a reasonable explanation.

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