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After winning a pair of Resistance and Capacitance Boxes off Ebay for £36 for the pair i had to wait for 12 days before they were delivered i found this strange because the seller had feedback off others saying "Fast Delivery" They finally arrived today in very bad packaging with no Bubble wrap . not good!!!

After opening connecting up the box's in turn i found the Capacitance Box to be sound but upon connecting up the Resistance box i found errors in the readings.

Two Blown resistors x10ohms easy to see

The very top Resistor x100ohms has cracked in half

Same again x1.000 has blown

The x10 Dial from from above

As you can see its a easy enough fix once i remove the four blown Resistors, It is obvious from the condition of the Resistors that someone has applied a high power source to this Decade box but luckly it only took out four of the resistors.
I have took readings from all the other resistors and they are all giving good consistent readings, These were advertised as "Good working order" which everyone can see they are most most definitely not.

Can anyone suggest the best make of replacement Resistor with 5% tolerance closest to the the make of the resistors already in this Decade box? I do not know what make they are maybe someone else knows by looking the the photos. Many thanks if you can help.
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Re: Resistance and Capacitance Decade Boxes i bought off Ebay (pics)
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In the UK RS or Farnell have 0.5% resistors in stock, just buy as pack of 5 of both the 10R and 100R 0.4W metal film resistors there and put them in.

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