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50 MHz Scope + 100 MS/s Data Logger? or SDR?
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:22:56 am »
I'm a hobbyist looking to buy an oscilloscope and/or data logger, but I don't currently have a scope.
I'm want to play with various modulations used in radio and communications (e.g., QAM) and try to make my own decoder for them (either in software or FPGA).

Currently I'm interested in VDSL2 (~17 MHz bandwidth) and Wi-Fi (20/40/80 MHz bandwidth), so ideally I should be able to continuously log at at least 50 MS/s (better: 100 MS/s) for a few seconds/minutes at once (to capture entire handshakes and such).
But at the same time, I do not own an oscilloscope yet, and it feels like an oscilloscope might include this feature, so maybe I would be able to find it integrated with an oscilloscope? Though it then means that the scope will need to be able to sample at 500 MS/s for a useful 50 MHz bandwidth.
Or maybe I don't need any of this and can just use a SDR?

So TL;DR: Do I get a scope, data logger, or SDR? Or a combination? Any specific model recommendations?
I'm willing to spend up to ~USD$1000.

If going with the scope route, it seem like the Picoscope 3205D is the only device that satisfies these requirements.
It seems like all other scopes at this price point I've looked at are unable to log at 50 MS/s for more than a few hundred milliseconds.
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