Author Topic: Original install media and/or a bit-for-bit img for a 4 chan 500mhz 54825A  (Read 967 times)

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I copped one of these for a song, sans software. AFAICT there's nothing wrong with the display or acq, just the hard drive clicked-of-death'd (I mean it's a 20 year old IDE, bound to happen). So I guess I got a few questions

1: Did Agilent do anything nefarious like flash their own proprietary firmware making it impossible to swap in a generic IDE? (I'm guessing no, since the service manual seems to imply that it's end-user servicable).

2: The media it seems to come on was originally some sort of "Floptical" disk (in the 3.5" form-factor, but with the capacity of 120mb -- I'm guessing it must be something similar to those IOmega zipdrives, but regardless): Does anyone know where I can get one? If not, are blanks available ? I think my easiest way to solve this problem would be if a kind soul were to take their Infinium and image it byte-for-byte, so I can just whack the IDE drive into an old desktop and I might be good to go?

3: I'm not an Agilent guy - am I tied to whatever software was on that Floptical stuff, or can I use more recent software and/or upgrade the consumer-end (the jellybean AMD 300, 64 mb RAM, hard disk, win 95 => Some late 90s vintage P3 running XP). Or hell, ideally an Atom would generate way less head, consume way less power, and easily out-perform the old stack that was in there.

Just throwing around ideas, any advice would be appreciated.

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I'm hoping it's kosher to bump threads at least once so the day-crew can see this (I posted at like 4AM Eastern, presumably there's a few more active users now)

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Maybe i have HD images that fit your 54825. Please look for the PM i wrote you (or tell me if you cannot access the PM).
Best regards

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