Author Topic: Hp 8591e disabling gate option 105, and gate trigger input questions  (Read 414 times)

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I was going to revive the old thread linked below for these questions, but then I thought it might be better to start a new thread specific to my questions.

To start with, I've been questioning the need for a tracking generator when specifically using a spectrum analyzer to align an FM I.F. strip and from what I have found so far is that it's not necessary if you use the max hold, but then I am assuming that makes it harder to see signal changes that are below the max signal held on the screen when adjustments are made that change the signal.

I have the version of the HP 8591E that allows for enabling the Gate input option 105 via the software as the gate option hardware is built into the motherboard, reference this thread:

1st question is that there is one reply that discusses how to enable this option, but nothing about how to disable it. How is that done?

2nd question is, would anyone happen to know where the SMB connectors for the Gate input signal is at? Apparently all I need to do is run an SMB to BNC cable from the board to the rear panel. The service manual doesn't specify this. (maybe I missed it) Found the option 105 install PDF.

3rd and most important question is whether my thought process is correct in assuming that if I am using a sweeper to generate a 10.6 Mhz to 10.8 Mhz sweep, and it has a gate output, that should suffice and react similar to a tracking generator. Apparently the spectrum has to be centered and spanned accordingly.

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