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74/54 and 4000 series Logic IC testing capability of TL866 Univ. prog.


Nimesh Silva:
Hi all,

Having a thought of buying a TL866CS Universal programmer. Anybody having an idea of 74/54 and 4000 series Logic IC testing capability of it?

coz, I currently have G540 programmer and its a crap. not sure about the IC testing capability of it. So thought of buying a reliable tester..

Thanks in advance

Capacity is there and is working ( tested a few recently) but only covers the most common Cmos and TTL devices. I have a few 74170 register files that are not in the database. Did burn a pair of eproms to all 00 tday before tossing them in the bin ( OTP 2Mb devices) and read and wrote the eeprom associated with them on the laser printer interface they were on. Uses a 80186 processor to do Ethernet to some HP laserjet bus conversion, the cards are for old HP printers.

I have the TL866CS and I can confirm that it does work for testing logic IC's, but keep in mind that only the most common chips are supporting, and it doesn't autodetect the chip based on truth tables; you have to tell it which chip you are testing, and it will tell you if it passes or fails. The primary function of this device is programming memory chips and AVR micros (I love that it supports HV programming for resetting fuses).


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