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A Fluke 8050A bought on ebay (another sad story)

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I have recently purchased a used Fluke 8050A on ebay from USA.
It looked almost physically perfect on the ebay page as you can see.
But when it arrived I noticed it has a damaged LCD. The item was well packed, the front panel and the LCD screen were well protected with bubble nylon, however as you can see below, it has dark points which stay dark even when the dmm is off.
What I can think of is he changed the good LCD with a bad one prior to shipping or photoshopped the pics. But this is a guy with a good record... how come? Otherwise the readings are perfect. I checked with a voltage standard and the "dmmcheck" circuit.
Can anybody tell me where I can find a spare LCD for this multimeter? I have found an old thread (of the former member Kiriakos) but when I sent an email to the company he mentions, I got no answer.

Did you mail the seller, just mail him with eBay mailing system you can also send pictures from there and ask how to solve this problem on his side.

Yes I am trying to solve the problem through ebay. But I find this strange. It must be photoshop... because the slight marks on the LCD on the bottom left also exist on my dmm's LCD so it is apparently the same LCD but the image inside was changed to show as if it was perfect.

Contact the seller. Take some new photos with the display in focus  ;)

also if he has more than 1 to sell, he can take a picture of one and send you another ?


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