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A High-Performance Open Source Oscilloscope: development log & future ideas

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--- Quote from: ogden on November 20, 2021, 10:53:02 pm ---More bandwidth, more gigs of memory, triggers and measurements than what exactly? Already available scopes?

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Yes, for anything this side of $1000.

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I for one like that you made PCIe acquisition card. That can ensure bandwidth high enough to be usable.

My advice would be to get in contact with Andrew Zonenberg and try to make your hardware work with GLscopeClient of his.
He's software is most advanced and most promising of them all. You would need years to get to where it is now.
He's also great guy and I'm sure he would welcome the idea. He is also working on some acquisition boards of his own (among 100s of other projects in parallel, guy is a machine :-)) but the more , the merrier...

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That looks great at first glance and could be a good combo with some PCIe acquisition hardware + computer module like the Jetson !  :-+

I was thinking the same thing, no need to reinvent the wheel making a whole new scope client since there’s already an awesome open source option! Glad to hear that Andrew Zonenberg’s a cool dude too, I’ll shoot him a message and get things started  :-+

I don't know where this article could fit in this forum, but I guess has some relation to this project.

Makes me wonder what happened to Ted Yapo.  Maybe burned out.  He was prolific for a while, up until a few years ago.

FWIW  There's a 2nd board with a 7020 available to the right person.  So if someone wants to develop the FW for the FPGA a dev board is available.


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